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2012 Flying Stars – 2 star

Kun 2 Black calls into the north in 2012

The north is not a good area in 2012 but with the assignment of the cures and enhancers we can disperse the energy from the #2 star. The combination of the #2 star in the north is bad earth residing in the north water area and this is a controlling force which can cause problems and you need to place cures in 2012.

If your bedroom, office, living room, main door or other significant room is situated in the north and you are not able to move out please read this section.
Try and keep the north of your home or office as quiet as possible and avoid building work or restorations in the year of the Dragon.

As I said we have the #2 star visiting the north palace and when we see 2 and 1 side by side the potential of bad luck is strong and this can cause problems related to the reproductive system and can problems related to the stomach area so make sure you follow the guidance in this report.
The 2 Black in Period 8 is an unfortunate star and its influence will be of an unwanted nature. You should install a salt water cure and six Chinese coins with red ribbon, and place more round metal ornamental objects to dispel its bad effect in the north corner of your home or room.

The most important cures to place in 2012 in the north are the salt water cure and six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon and why they come standard in all our 2012 cures and enhancers kit.
An influential and much needed cure in 2012 is a cure to bridge the gap as the elements are in battle between earth and water.

The traditional cure is placing a gold Elephant with his trunk raised standing on a round amulet plate which must be round as round is the element shape of metal and the whole cure including the Elephant must be gold in colour as this also represents metal.

Make sure there are no red items, bright lights or burning candles in this area. Do not worry if you have these colours already just introduce colours like white, silver, gold or copper in the way of a floor mat, cushions, throws, tablecloth or such like. If you have a main door that falls in north in 2012 you would be advised to hang a Ba Gua mirror outside to deflect the negative energy.

If you cannot avoid using this room, place a metal Dragon. The metal Dragon gives elemental support to the north in 2012 and also represents good health and dispels the undesirable energy of the #2 star.

Great news for those who are gua trigram 9 or 2 as this combination whilst on the whole is very negative it can be good for them in wealth and career, you will still need to place the recommended cures as detailed here but the effects of the #2 black will not be bad for you and can even give you positive results especially after placing your annual cures and enhancers.

Summary for year 2012:

Take care in the months of May, July, September and October.


• Hang six Chinese coins tied in red ribbon.

• Place a salt water cure.

• You can use any metal ornament as long as it is not sharp or aggressive looking, and believe it or not a good cure is a round metal dog bowl or weight lifters weights.

• A brass wealth ingot is good for protecting wealth.

• Place a single Elephant with his trunk raised standing on a round amulet plate.

• Avoid using red fire colours in this room and refrain from displaying triangle shape or fiery pictures.

• Avoid candles or bright lights at all costs. Check or upgrade smoke alarms and other fire prevention methods.

• Not as powerful but round metal shapes are an alternative to using Feng Shui items but avoid sharp or menacing looking metal objects.

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