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2012 Flying Stars – 4 star

Sun 4 Green Wen Qu mastery and romance star enters the east in 2012.

The wood 4 reside in the east palace in 2012 and this is a provisional star but is auspicious in Period 8 (2004–2024). It controls romance, career, creative, academic and artistic talents, wisdom and intelligence as well as self-development.

With the wood of the #4 star combined with the wood Chen energy of the #3 star this is a pleasant association even though the #3 star is considered undesirable and we can expect a lovely energy from here as it creates a lovely peach blossom if activated correctly.

If you want to improve this lovely star you should use a very special enhancer called a Yi Yuan Fu which is a very special cure and it is not just about the content but the thought form and ground quartz crystals embedded into the paint that is used to inscribe onto the brush holder with the engraved talisman and thought forms placed inside the quartz crystal making this an essential cure in 2012 for the east romance star and anywhere you have an auspicious #4 star.

We have had engraved a very special talisman onto a calligraphy brush rest and empowered with sheng chi red paint containing crushed crystals along with a thought form quartz crystal placed on top of a beautiful fire coloured ang pow with a talisman on the rear for the year of Yang Water Dragon, an excellent enhancer not just for romance but also for career, wealth and business. This cure and enhancer is so important in 2012 and why it comes standard in all our 2012 cures and enhancers kit.

A traditional way to enhance fertility is to display peanuts in shells or any seed products like black or red melon seeds. In Mandarin, peanuts are called ‘hua-sheng’. You should display them anywhere in the bedroom and of course be careful if anyone in the home suffers with nut allergies.

Summary for year: If you are looking to enhance relationships or creativity; this area is very good for writers, artists, students and anyone that is related to the travel, crystal, alternative, health industry.

Avoid fire element and fire colours red, pink or purple. Good colours are blue, grey or black. If you wish to enhance areas of creativity and academic achievements, place or hang moving objects to enhance the Ch’i of this sector, do not use wind chimes. Keep this area semi active with windows occasionally open.

Cures and enhancers summary:

• Use blue in your décor if this is your office or bedroom.

• Make sure you remove all the metal cures like the salt cures and six coins in a row from the 2011 cures and enhancers kit from the east as this will cause many relationship problems if left in 2012.

• For office and studies, place a task light and a crystal globe on the work desks. Blue items can be added on the desk e.g. blue paper, blue books etc

• Fresh flowers or small pots of green leafy or flowering plants can be displayed in this spot of the house to lift the qi. Blue or green flowers are a good choice.

• If you have mandarin Ducks this is a good area to have them and any other symbols of romance like hugging couples etc.

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