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2012 Flying Stars – 6 star

Ch’ien 6 White star of Heaven Chien 6 Wu Qu enters in the central palace in 2012.

The number 6 star is a considerate wealth star and as an yearly star, its position in the centre in 2012 is good for career, wealth, politicians and those with an office/study in the centre will benefit greatly.

Whilst the 6 star indicates achievement, if the #6 annual stars is situated in a bedroom it can cause difficulties with the throat and legs and also problems with breathing particularly for the eldest female although they are minor problem and nothing to worry about if you follow the advice here.

There are no annual cures to place in the centre this year as its effect are small and whilst you will find many websites telling you to buy this that and the other there are none needed other than maybe introducing some water colours like blues, black, grey or charcoal and you can do this with bed covers, rugs, curtains, cushions or pillows.

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