8 facets Crystal Diamond Zuan Shi Cheng Ji- W-37mm H-25mm

8 facets Crystal Diamond Zuan Shi Cheng Ji W-80mm x H -50mm

Price: £ 42.76
In ancient times, this very little known cure was applied by using a large real diamond with eight facets and you would place an i-ching coin forged from solid gold under the diamond so it radiates wealth luck by eight times. Obviously to do this now would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and this cure is the next best thing. The quality of the coin and crystal we have selected is quite stunning; we spent a long time selecting the right crystal and I-Ching Coin to use for this cure and we feel that this cure is the perfect wealth enhancer for 2023. This cure is always used with the #8 star especially when it visits the south in 2023 as the energies are in a clash and need to be released otherwise wealth and good luck is affected, this really is a lovely simple although ...
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