Feng Shui 6 hollow rod Wind Chime

6 Metal rod wind chime (custom-built)

Price: £ 29.99
6 Metal rod wind chime (custom-built)   We had these magnificent six-rod hollow metal wind chimes commissioned for us to exact specifications and measurements with a wooden base (same one as we use in the 2024 cures & enhancers kit). These were specially made for us to exact high standards for us, and whilst some websites suggest you use all metal, I and most specialist Feng Shui Masters have always controlled the 5 yellow with six rods only, and for the last year, we had the rods made thinner to create a higher pitch as we got closer to period 9 with amazing results. The reason you use six is that 6 is the Trigram (Ch'ien) for metal, if you use all metal you end up with around 9-10 different metal pieces and the effect of this is insufficient. Place this beautiful ...
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