Ba Gua Mirror BM5 110mm Special Offer

Ba Gua Mirror BM4 130mm

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Ba Gua mirrors are one of the most well know Feng Shui Cures around the world and this is due to how recognised they are outside homes and offices globally; you may have seen a Ba Gua Mirror outside a friend’s home or even outside a lawyer’s office or even a clothing shop. Ba Gua Mirrors have been used for thousands of years to stop negative Qi entering a home or office and have helped people from all walks of life. Ba Gua mirrors work by reflecting poison arrows (Sha Qi) from entering your home and causing problems; poison arrows come in many forms, here are some of the most common ones: ·         Oncoming traffic ·         Bridges ·         Large trees that are too close to a home or office ·         Cemeteries ·         Busy roads ·         Lampposts and telephone poles ...
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