Ba Gua Mirror BM5 110mm Special Offer

Ba Gua Mirror BM2 140mm (Convex)

Price: £ 13.00
Ba Gua mirrors are one of the most well know Feng Shui Cures around the world and this is due to how recognised they are outside homes and offices globally; you may have seen a Ba Gua Mirror outside a friend’s home or even outside a lawyer’s office or even a clothing shop. Ba Gua Mirrors have been used for thousands of years to stop negative Qi entering a home or office and have helped people from all walks of life. Convex mirrors are a specialist Ba Gua Mirror where the lens of the mirror is dome-shaped; these mirrors are used to deflect energy rather than absorb energy. These mirrors should be used to deflect negative energy from poison arrows coming from places like prisons, bars, high schools etc. Ba Gua mirrors work by reflecting poison arrows (Sha Qi) from entering your ...
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