Wealth cures and enhancers kit (No Compass)

Wealth cures and enhancers kit (With Compass)

Price: £ 58.79
  This valuable and powerful kit contains the following cures and enhancers for wealth, saving up to £13.10 if you were to buy them individually on our site.  All of these items can be viewed on our site as individual products.  · Three legged Toad (TD4) · Ba Gua mirror 4" (BM5) · Sheng Ch'i empowered Clear quartz crystal keying (CK2) · 3 Chinese coins tied with red ribbon (CO10) · Wealth pouch with 3 Chinese I-Ching coins and jade crystal (MI3) · 1 x 30mm Swarovski crystal sphere (CR2) · Mother of Pearl Power Beads · 12 Coin Ball (CO6) · Dragon Red Shou Shan stone (DR4) . Feng Shui Compass · Full instructions
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