Brass Feng Shui Cannon

Brass Cannon

Price: £28.88
A Brass Cannon is a very little known cure and is not usually the sort of thing you would normally see on a Feng Shui website, this is one of the most powerful countermeasures to use when protecting yourself against negative buildings overlooking your home or office (even more powerful than a Ba Gua mirror). In Hong Kong, you will often see Brass Cannons mounted on top of large corporate buildings for protection. This is a very powerful and little know ancient cure. This cure is also used for weakening #2 & #5 stars made from solid brass and weigh an impressive 210gms, This product is designed to a perfect weight and size and is a truly beautiful Cure. Placement instructions If you face a building that had Sha Chi (poison arrows) you would place a brass cannon on a ...
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