Xing Wang four Buddha

Xing Wang four Buddha’s of prosperity and luck

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In 2023, we will be using the Xing Wang four Buddhas of prosperity and luck to enhance both the annual #1 and #6 stars located in the southwest (1) and west (6). As we have both auspicious stars falling in sectors next to each other, we can activate both stars by placing a set of four Xing Wang Buddhas across the two sectors. In 2023, we have the auspicious #6 annual star fall into the west along with the Three Killings and Sui Po, and while this area has an auspicious star, we can suffer all sorts of issues if disturbed with two annual afflictions in the same sector and by introducing two of the Xing Wang Buddhas in the west, we will have metal strengthening metal. The southwest is an auspicious area in 2023, with the #1 annual star flying in, and by introducing two of the ...
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