Annual 2013 Kit + 2013 Consultant version software

Divination pendulum talisman Bu Shi Bai

Price: £ 7.88
With the #6 wu qu star of heaven falling into the northwest palace in 2022, it is said to make dreams come true and this palace needs to be activated with a very special and little known enhancer and also a protector for the Patriarch (eldest male); this is another enhancer that we had to have specially made in China and I have to say it looks stunning and can be discreetly placed along with all your wishes for the year. This particular enhancer must not be publicly displayed and should be hidden in the northwest behind a picture or away in a cupboard or in a corner and offers a lovely enhancer and cure especially for the eldest male in a home or business. The arrangement of the wooden pendulum along with the three jade beads and the magical lucky knot makes this a lovely cure ...
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