Yuan Wang romance & wish enhancer giving all your hearts desires

Single Hearts for Yuan Wang romance & wish enhancer

Price: £ 4.99
Please note that these should only be ordered if you have already purchased the Yuan Wang romance & wish enhancer and these are intended as extra hearts for extra occupants of the home or office in which you have placed the Cure. To work effectively, you should use a minimum of two hearts, an I-Ching Coin and Amazonite Crystal and place in the northwest. One of the best kept secrets in Feng Shui revealed to you at a fraction of its value, there are not many Feng Shui masters who even know how to create this very special cure and it is not just about the content but the thought form and with the engraved mother of pearl puff hearts talisman and thought forms placed inside the quartz crystal making this an essential cure in 2022 for the southeast romance star and anywhere you ...
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