Deluxe 2014 Kit + 2014 Pro version software

Wealth enhancer and cure Cai Shen Ma (Wealth Toad God)

Price: £19.99
This magnificent wealth Toad God made to exact measurements, design and stature is one of the best we have ever seen, standing impressively with a remarkable firm and commanding stance, the quality is exceptional and he looks striking. This extremely potent enhancer and cure is for the wealth and career #8 star that has flown into the southeast in 2018 and if activated with a wealth Toad God with an ingot and auspicious Chinese i-ching coins on his back it can be very good for wealth, career and business although you must only use a Toad God that falls in the “Chai” band of auspicious measurements which of course ours does as we had it especially made for us. The Chinese characters 招财进宝    -   zaocai jinbao   - which means “ Bring in Fortune Receive ...
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