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Fu Jade talisman

Price: £ 12.88
Wealth and luck protection are paramount and an age-old enhancer talisman is using a Fu talisman with eight jade discs which represent the circle of life and protection. The jade fu represents enhanced wealth and luck and must be placed in the west in 2023 to dissipate the elements. This stunning talisman is beautifully strung with high-quality tassel strings onto a mystic knot, The Knot "ji xiang jie", symbolises good luck in love, the red cord stands for happiness, and the red tassel represents advancement or promotion making this a perfect cure and enhancer in 2023. This Talisman has been made to exact measurements to ensure accuracy as in Feng Shui measurements are crucial and also little known. So whilst this magnificent cure and enhancer may seem quite simple in design it ...
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