Annual Cures Kit 2015

Yao chan wan guan Wealth Protection script

Price: £ 16.88
Possibly the most important and crucial Cure that you should place in your home and office in 2023. The yāo chán wàn guàn Wealth Protection script can help occupants of the home and office to avoid many problems such as loss of wealth, lawsuits and also help enhance wealth and business. To ensure that this Cure is as effective as possible, this script is traditionally seated in an eight-sided faceted rare gemstone such as a diamond or sapphire by a Feng Shui Master although we appreciate that not everyone has hundreds of thousands of pounds or dollars to spend on a Feng Shui Cure which is why we recreated this Cure with faceted glass of the highest quality as the glass helps to permeate around the whole home and office to create a very strong wealth protection and enhancer around ...
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