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Ba Ying Fu Pai Eight pearl Talisman Wish & romance enhancer

Price: £ 12.98
A very important enhancer in 2023 and one that we had to have specially created for us, engraved with a very special talisman charm. This perfect Feng Shui romance, wealth, health, career and wish enhancer and the formulations are barely known to many Feng Shui masters and passed onto us many years ago and used with remarkable results. This is such a beautiful cure and enhancer and must be used carefully and said to bring all your heart's desires if used correctly. If you read the original text for this cure and enhancer it seems very complex and the understanding of it is often interpreted in the wrong way. This is one of the best-kept secrets in Feng Shui revealed to you at a fraction of its value, there are not many Feng Shui masters who even know how to create this very special ...
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