Annual Cures Kit 2015

Pai nan Jie Fen Talisman Red Tassel

Price: £5.99
With the combination of the #3 argumentative and legal star trapped in the northeast palace in 2018 potentially causing many problems with hidden enemies (backstabbing), wealth, business, gossip, career and relationships and possible legal issues with government bodies. This is a very important cure to place in 2018 as a special cure is needed in the form a strong fire element and this come cannot come any better although if you cannot afford this cure make sure you place something bright red in the west of your home, even a A4 sheet of red paper cut into a diamond shape (try and cut to the dimension as given below) will do, obviously it is not as good as the pai nan jie fen 排難解紛 but better than nothing. The Chinese six-row rhombus (fire element shape) Mystic ...
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