Annual Cures Kit 2016

Shuang Zhi Shang Pi Yao

Price: £23.88
This magnificent pair of protection and wealth-enhancing Pi Yao’s (Pixiu - Pi Xiu - Pi Kan - P'i-hsiu - Bixie) made especially for us to exact measurements and stature and one of the best I have ever seen standing impressively with an impressive firm stance from both Pi Yao’s, the quality is exceptional and they look stunning. This extremely potent enhancer and cure is for the wealth #9 star that has flown into the centre in 2018 and if activated with a pair of Pi Yao’s it can be very good for wealth, career and business although you must only use a twin Pi Yao that falls in the “Chai” band of auspicious measurements which of course ours does as we had it especially made. You cannot use any Pi Yao as one must have their left (yin) paw sitting on an Ingot ...
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