Annual Cures Kit 2016

Long Yu Quan Bi cure and enhancer talisman

Price: £ 16.88
The Long Yu Quan Bi cure and enhancer talisman is a vital protector as we have the Annual #3 fly into the east bringing legal problems, fraud and arguments and disputes when untreated which is why this very special Long Yu Quan bi must be placed in the east in 2022. Bi talismans date back as far as 3000 BC and have been used as a status symbol for thousands of years. During the Zhou Dynasty, the Bi disk was so prominent in Chinese culture that at the end of a war, the inferior leader would hand over a Bi disk as a symbolic sign of their submission. Bi Disks have been used in Feng Shui since the beginning in order for those who place the disk in their residence to achieve happy, peaceful life, protection against disease and injury and promote great wealth. Bi talisman disks were ...
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