Deluxe Cures Kit 2016

Baohu Yizhi calabash amulet

Price: £ 16.88
A Calabash, Gourd or "giver of life" is traditionally used to cure the #2 & #5 sickness and bad luck stars such as the #7 which is considered inauspicious in period 8 (2004-2024) and is located in the west this year. A Baohu Yizhi calabash amulet (保护医治) is a very powerful health and wealth enhancer which makes the Baohu Yizhi calabash amulet a vital cure for the west in 2022 as the visiting annual star affects the middle son or male of the home and can bring problems related to security, car accidents violence, robbery and problems with kidneys, feet and ankles so please make sure that you treat the east with care. The Mystic Knot towards the top of the charm is a combination of six times the infinity symbol which denotes a long and happy life full of good fortune and is ...
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