Annual Cures Kit 2016

Yi Fan Feng Shun protection & enhancement charm

Price: £16.88
The Yi fan feng shun protection & enhancement charm is a vital Cure for the Annual #5 yellow that flies in to the north palace which can bring money problems with this combination if this palace is not supported with a substantial, traditional metal Cure. The Yi fan feng shun protection & enhancement charm should be placed in the north of a home or office from the 4th February 2018 – 3rd February 2019 and should be cleansed and placed where the 5 star is present the following years. This is a very traditional Cure to enhance and protect wealth, health, and career as the 5 yellow is a very volatile star. It has no gender and no trigram and is highly dangerous when disturbed. When disturbed by loud noises, its malevolent influence brings disaster, sickness, ...
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