Annual Cures Kit 2016

Long zhen zhu talisman

Price: £10.88
This is an important wealth enhancer and health protector for 2018 that must be placed in the east and is a stunning set of ten specially created auspicious I-Ching Coins based on the yang side with four Chinese characters and the yin side with a Dragon chasing a pearl (you must not use normal i-ching coins), the ten coins are hung from a red good luck pang chang mystic knot along with a Trigram Gua protection charm and tablet key with special colorations. Ten Chinese coins tied together in straight line combined with the talisman, mystic knot and tablet key are powerful symbols to attract and protect prosperity and good fortune and in 2018, this is an essential enhancer for today and future money.  Taoist traditions are that the round coin with a square hole ...
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