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Xin Xiang Shi Cheng wish and romance enhancer

Price: £ 18.88
One of the most vital cures and enhancers in 2022 and one that we had specifically created and engraved with a very special talisman charm to enhance peach blossom which is so important this year as we have the #4 romance, career, wealth and academic star which is a wood star fall into the southeast palace.  This perfect Feng Shui romance and wish enhancer using a formula that is barely known to any Feng Shui masters and passed on to us many years ago and used with amazing results. This is such a lovely cure and enhancer and is supposed to bring all your hearts desires if used properly and placed in the correct area. One of the most important aspects of this cure and enhancer is the overall height of the heart and silver bow, in traditional Feng Shui you have auspicious and ...
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