Annual Cures Kit 2017

Fo Xiang four Buddhas of prosperity and luck

Price: £23.88
Between 4th February 2018 and 3rd February 2019, we have the Annual #9 Flying Star fall into the centre which can bring double luck which calls for a special and very powerful cure and enhancer named the four Fo Xiang Buddha’s of prosperity and protection.  The material used for these Buddha’s must be a Shou Shan type and the colours used must be a mix of brown and gold which from an elemental aspect is earth and metal and their staggered shapes once placed give a water element which produces a perfect “sheng cycle” making this a very powerful cure and enhancer is only known to a few Feng Shui masters across the world. The four Fo Xiang Buddha’s all hold varied offerings in their hands from Wealth Ingots, a string of I-Ching coins and a Ru Yi which helps to ...
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