Annual 2017 Kit + 2017 Pro version software

Huo Zai Dragon and Ru Yi

Price: £15.88
The southeast in 2018 has a wonderful auspicious wealth, good luck and romance (career) combination and this needs a very special enhancer and protector to activate this lovely combination creating wealth and good luck and also protecting it, the enhancer needed is a coiled Dragon of a certain size and posture protecting a Ru Yi for prosperity and protection. Unfortunately, you cannot use just any Dragon and the reason why we had these commissioned to a specific size, posture, colour, quality and weight, they really are very beautiful and would fit in perfectly with any home or office. The #8 star falls in the southeast which is inherently a wood area and this needs a bridge to protect and enhance wealth in 2018. You should place this Huo Zai Dragon in the southeast of your ...
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