Annual Cures Kit 2017

Ba xian Ba Gua protection talisman

Price: £9.88
The Eight Immortals Ba Gua protection and enhancement talisman is an extremely powerful and much needed cure and enhancer in 2018 as we have the Annual #6 star that flies into the southwest. The southwest is a fairly neutral area for wealth in 2018 and in order to make finances as prosperous as they can be this year, we need a very special powerful metal cure of an exact combination to weaken the #2 inherent earth star and strengthen the bond between the two elements and his is a crucial cure and enhancer to place. We had this powerful talisman created especially for us and the quality is superb and looks stunning and not too large either as the size of the Ba Gua and mystic knot has to be an exact size and fortunately it falls in a Yi sector which is a lovely size for any home or ...
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