8 Coins tied in Miao infinity circle with wealth ingot

Ba Bao eight treasure coins in circle amulet

Price: £6.88
The Eight Immortals Ba Gua protection and enhancement talisman is an extremely powerful and much-needed cure and enhancer in 2018 as we have the Annual #6 star that flies into the southwest and whilst an enhancing element of metal and earth, it can cause problems for wealth and luck as the auspicious energy of the visiting 6 will be lessened due to it weakening the inherent energy of the southwest. The southwest  is a fairly neutral area for wealth in the year of the dog and in order to make finances as prosperous as they can be this year, we need a very special powerful metal cure of an exact combination to enhance the #6 annual metal star and strengthen the bond between the two elements and this is a crucial cure and enhancer to place. We had this powerful talisman ...
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