Annual Cures Kit 2018

Golden Arowana fish Jin Xian sitting on bed of i-ching coins

Price: £ 12.88
In 2022 the north of every building in the world will be enhanced by the auspicious Kan #1 Xuan Kong flying star that if activated correctly can bring great wealth and luck. If not enhanced it can cause several difficulties to prosperity, legal issues, bad health and overall bad luck, especially for the male (Patriarch) of the home or office, one of the most important enhancers and cure to use this year. This is a stunning ornament and it took us many months to source this Feng Shui cure and enhancer as the weight, size, colour and overall feel of the Arowana fish has to be perfect and this is why we do not clutter our website with any old cure and enhancer, we finally commissioned the order in January 2017 as we were so pleased with the results. The statue looks and feels like ...
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