Annual Cures Kit 2018

Fu shi jian earth globe for wealth and success

Price: £ 18.88
We had this stunning globe especially made for us and it has been made to the highest of standards, height and weight. The reason why we had to get it made specially is because one of the most important factors with this Feng Shui globe was the size of an actual glass globe as it MUST fall in a Chai measurement and the majority of the ones available are not, so we had to get them specially made to meet our normal strict requirements as if you use any other size they can cause problems so worth the investment in money and time as we spent ages sourcing the right one. In 2023, you should place the globe in the south of your home or room/office or if you cannot place in the south, place it in the west and twirl clockwise once a day. For business, place a Dragon beside it looking onto ...
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