Deluxe Cures Kit 2018

Dragon Chasing Pearl tablet huo long ming zhu (fire dragon with treasures)

Price: £23.88
With the northeast afflicted with the #3 star a very special cure and talisman is needed in 2018. This stunning Dragon chasing a pearl with red tassel tied with a lucky knot and because these are very rare we had them specially made and we are absolutely over the moon with the results, the quality is amazing combined with a good weight and the Dragon face sits perfectly in the “chai” dimension making it even more powerful. Without this powerful protector in 2018 it is said that there is a risk of many legal issues and arguments and for a business, it can bring lawsuits and bankruptcy. In our opinion, this is normally only so if you have sha chi outside like a prison, hospital, busy road or any other poison arrow so do not start panicking if you cannot buy this cure, just place ...
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