Annual Cures Kit 2018

Guanshiyin protection brass bell

Price: £12.98
This extraordinary cure carries a very special power to turn bad into good. This really is one of the most protective cures you can use and also a powerful cure for the #2 star that falls into the west palace in 2018. If you are suffering from an illness you would place beside your bed, for study, creativity and business place on your desk. For flying star, you would use it with the #2 & #5 (W) (N) to ward off bad luck and for #6 (SW) star for legal problems and protection against business competitors. This particular amulet was made for us and carefully placed together with a red ribbon lucky knot signifying wealth and protection for the building. This stunning bell has been made to exact measurements to ensure accuracy, as in Feng Shui measurements are crucial and also little ...
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