Lian Cai Zhong Nian Master cure

LianCaiZhong Nian Master Cure 2020

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In 2020, we have the annual #8 Zuo Fu wealth and overall luck star fly into the northwest of every home, office, business and building across the world and if left untreated, the inherent energy of the northwest will weaken the influence of the primary wealth star for the year, causing financial and legal issues for the year ahead. As with every new Solar year in Feng Shui, you must place a very special Master cure and the most powerful and important cure, and enhancer in 2020 is called a Lian Cai Zhong Nian Master cure and must only be placed in a Yang Metal Rat (Geng Zi) year. The Liancaizhongnian powerful amulet and protective talisman cure is placed during Yang Metal Rat years to enhance the annual #8 wealth star, which is located in the northwest in 2020. The ...
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