Deluxe Cures Kit 2019

Shixian wish and romance enhancer

Price: £18.88
The Shixian Wish and romance enhancer is a crucial cure and enhancer for your home or office in 2019 and one that we had specially created and engraved in the house with a very powerful talisman charm to enhance Peach Blossom luck during the year of the Pig. The Shixian wish, and romance enhancers must be placed in the north this year as we have the annual #4 romance and relationship star fly in for the year alongside the inherent water energy of the north which will be draining energy from the 4 star.   This very special cure and enhancer is essential to ensure, strengthen, and protect romance, relationships, career and academics are protected and enhanced in 2019.   The Shixian wish and romance enhancer, up until a few years ago, was barely ...
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