Deluxe Cures Kit 2019

Three immortals statue

Price: £ 29.88
The Three Immortals are a crucial enhancer to place in the south of your home or office in 2022 as the auspicious #9 star falls into the south. The #9 annual star is the future wealth star and is starting to have a stronger effect as we get closer to period 9 (2024-2044), and when the #9 star is activated correctly, you can benefit from the positive influence that it brings with it; the #9 star can bring growth, improvements, fame, wealth, career luck and relationships, making the south one of the most important areas of every home and business in 2022. The Three Immortals are a very powerful Feng Shui cure that work to cleanse a building of negative influences and help avoid arguments, marital problems and illness and also help to resolve and enhance relationships between all ...
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