Deluxe Cures Kit 2019

Hong Fu Qi Tian Talisman

Price: £18.88
In the year of the yin earth Pig 2019, we have the #6 White metal Heaven star (Wu Qu) fly into the east which is a wood trigram (metal destroys wood), and this can cause much conflict and bad luck and a very special earth cure is needed to negate any negative energy and enhance the good so in turn it turns bad into good. This can also affect the eldest son or male in a home or business and also health problems related to the heart and lungs. This cure and enhancer that was specially made and engraved for us is used to enhance protect and create new wealth and good luck in 2019 for every occupant of a building. This Feng Shui Cure and enhancer s only known to a few specialist Feng Shui Grand Masters and in the old days and even now in southeast Asia, you would need to employ ...
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