Deluxe Cures Kit 2019

Dual Dragon bell Heng Lung Fu

Price: £10.88
The Dual Dragon bell Heng Lung fu is a crucial cure and enhancer that is needed in the west in 2019 as we have the annual #1 star enter here for the year and in period 8 this is a timely star which brings auspicious energy to the west.  When activated correctly, the west can bring in new opportunities, gains in financial investments, academic achievements and also romance and relationships as peach blossom is magnificent here in the year of the yin earth Pig. This beautiful cure and enhancer is made from a strong alloy which is finished to a very high quality and does look quite stunning. Thousands of years ago, a Feng Shui Master would commission a mould to be made and would have the Dual Dragon bell Heng Lung fu finished in high-quality gold with a Dragon sitting on top ...
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