FuXi Dual Dragon bell

FuXi Dual Dragon bell for wealth and career

Price: £ 16.88
FuXi Dual Dragon bell for wealth and career The FuXi Dual Dragon bell is a very powerful and traditional cure and enhancer to be placed in the southwest of your home or office during 2023 to enhance and protect the annual #1 future wealth star. When placed in your home or office, the Dual Dragon bell can generate new opportunities for the occupants and, create results in financial investments, academic achievements and also enhance romance and relationships. We had this beautiful cure made to very high standards and is made from a strong alloy and has a good weight to it, which is very important with Feng Shui cures as this signifies strong presence in a room. The Fuxi Dragon bell was also sized for us to make sure that the length of the cure falls between Pun and Chai ...
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