JuanKuan Wealth offering plate

Juan Kuan wealth offering plate

Price: £ 21.88
Juan Kuan offering plate (aka wealth vase) This product was specially made and engraved only for the Feng Shui Store and not for sale elsewhere – do not accept imitations. In 2023, we have the #2 black earth star fly into the east along with Tai Sui which can cause considerable conflict and bad luck, and a very special metal cure is needed to negate any harmful energy. This really is a very bad area in 2023. This generally causes problems all round for all genders especially with regards to bad luck, wealth problems, legal issues, reputation, digestive system, stomach, spleen and pancreas and also women who are trying to conceive or who are pregnant. This cure and enhancer was specially made to exact measurements and engraved for us and used to protect, cures, protects and ...
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