Huangjin Caifu Chuan wealth ship

Huangjin Caifu Chuan golden wealth ship

Price: £14.88
The Huangjin Caifu Chuan golden wealth ship has been used as a powerful Feng Shui enhancer for thousands of years and is traditionally used to enhance the #1 Flying star to promote career, wealth and personal achievement success. The #1-star has inherent water energy and needs to be enhanced with a powerful metal cure that promotes wealth and good luck and very important to place in 2021 as we have the #1 star visit the south which has inherent fire energy, and this can cause much conflict if this is not placed. In 2021, year of the Yin Metal Ox, we have the annual #1 fly into the south of every home, office, workplace and building around the world and with the inherent energy of fire and water in this area, the auspicious influence of the visiting #1-stars water energy will be ...
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