Pair of Bi You Pi Yao statues

Pair of Bi You Pi Yao’s

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The southwest in 2021 is severely afflicted with the robbery star #3 and Sui Po, therefore very special Feng Shui cures are needed. The most important in the year of the Ox is a pair of Bì yòu Pi Yao’s although not just any pair, they must be separate and not look onto each other, one Pi Yao must have a Yuan Bao gold ingot under his paw and the other a cub. You should not use any other type or configuration as this can cause even more problems. In the year of the yin metal Ox, the Bì yòu Pi Yao’s are used to bring new money into a home or business and also when used as a pair banishing evil spirits, protecting wealth, legal issues, gossip, negative energy and so much more. They are very traditional auspicious creatures since ancient times, and when placed you are said to be blessed ...
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