Mi Yan Jing Ta - Selenite pagoda

Mi Yan Jing Ta – Selenite pagoda

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Mi Yan Jing Ta - Selenite pagoda The Selenite Pagoda is a very powerful earth cure used to enhance the annual #8 star in the south during 2023 as Selenite has the ability to absorb negative energy and naturally cleanse itself of the energy over time, rather than storing it, making the Mi Yan Jing Ta pagoda an extremely important cure to enhance the annual #8 which is a powerful enhancer to feed the natural energy of the annual #8 star in 2023. Selenite has a large range of properties and when placed in a home or workplace, can help promote enhanced moods, space clearing, clears negative energy, tranquillity, manifestation and improve energy levels, making this a very powerful cure and enhancer for the south in 2022. Selenite pagodas are said to amplify positive energy into the ...
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