Paijie Laughing protection Buddha

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The Paijie Laughing protection Buddha is a vital and very powerful cure to place in the southeast of your home and workplace during the year of the Rabbit to weaken and control the spiteful energy of the inauspicious annual #3 star. Every building in the world will see the annual #3 argumentative star fly into the southeast sector for 2023, and when left untreated, this inauspicious influence can manifest theft, arguments, disputes, hot tempers, loss of wealth and legal problems, especially if you have a main door or important room in the southeast in 2023. The annual #3 star has the ability to cause a whole range of problems in 2023, and we need to do our best to weaken this influence with a very powerful statue of the Paijie Buddha. If you look at the pictures above, you will ...
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