Huaxiannweiyyi Rice Cure

Huaxianweiyi rice cure for 2023

Price: £ 20.88
The Huaxianweiyi 化险为夷 rice cure is an essential cure in 2023 to treat and weaken the inauspicious influence of the annual #7 star, which has flown into the Northeast. The Northeast is the inherent wealth #8 palace of the Lo Shu, and with the #7 robbery star when left untreated, it can cause a range of problems in the home and workplace related to burglary, loss of money, gossip, deception, copyright theft, gossip and backstabbing which is why it is crucial to place a very powerful cure that will absorb and neutralise this negative influence and as we move closer to period 9 in 2024 you will see this cure almost every year for the next 20+ years. This important cure and enhancer is a very little-known talisman charm engraved at the side and bottom of the specially engraved vessel ...
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