Yuanmeng Tiantian wish and romance enhancer

Price: £ 25.99
Yuanmeng Tiantian wish and romance enhancer   ( One of the most essential cures and enhancers to place in your home, office or business for 2024, the beginning of period 9 and the year of the Yang Wood Dragon) This cure has been specially made and engraved only for the Feng Shui Store and not for sale elsewhere – do not accept imitations. On 4th February 2024, we will enter period 9, and for the last 20 years, during period 8, we were enhancing Peach Blossom luck by using the 4 star, which has now become inauspicious. During period 9 (2024 - 2044), we will be enhancing the #8 star for love and relationship luck as this has taken on the role of the primary relationship star for this period. If you have any of our previous wish and romance enhancers that you used to enhance the ...
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