Fuyu Buddha of prosperity

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Fuyu Buddha of prosperity   The Fuyu Buddha of prosperity is a powerful and effective cure that we will be using to enhance the annual #8 wealth star, which has flown into the north palace in 2024 to enhance wealth and relationship prospects for all occupants of the home and workplace, especially the middle son and males in general. On 4th February 2024, we will enter a new period of Feng Shui, and as we enter period 9, the #8 star will no longer be the prominent wealth star. The #8 is still a very auspicious star and will take on the role of the Peach Blossom star for the next twenty years. For 2024, the Fuyu Buddha must be placed in the north of your home or office to enhance wealth and relationship luck for the year of the Dragon. When activated, the #8 star can ...
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