Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet

Price: £ 19.00
Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet - to turn peril into safety and avert danger    ( One of the most essential cures and enhancers to place in your home, office or business for 2024, the beginning of period 9 and the year of the Yang Wood Dragon) As we enter period 9 on 4th February 2024, the annual #4 star will become an inauspicious star, and while it is still possible to activate this star, this takes highly specialist knowledge and is not something I would recommend without a very good understanding of the fixed Flying stars of your home and the surrounding area. The #4 star has flown into the northwest for 2024, along with Sui po, making this an especially troublesome area if activated this year. This year, it is crucial to place a Zhuanweiweian Protection amulet in the ...
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