Huolong Fiery Red Dragon statue

Price: £ 13.99
Huolong Fiery Red Dragon statue As we enter period 9 on 4th February 2024, the annual #9 star will become the prominent wealth star for the next twenty years, and we will need to make the most of this fantastic influence by feeding and enhancing the fire energy that is present in the southwest in 2024 with the annual #9 star flying here for the year. The Huolong Fiery Red Dragon statue is an extremely powerful enhancer used to strengthen the inherent energy of the #9 star with fire feeding fire this year and is a stunning statue of a red Dragon with his head tilted back protecting a pearl of wisdom The Huolong Dragon is the perfect cure to enhance the annual #9 throughout period 9, and when placed, this can help to protect and enhance future wealth throughout the year of the ...
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