8 I-Ching dual Dragon coins in a row

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8 I-Ching dual Dragon coins in a row As we enter period 9 on 4th February 2024, the #6 star will lose some of its strength and will require some potent cures to help this star reach its full power this year. We can still make great use of the #6 star, and one way of doing this is to place a set of eight I-Ching dual Dragon coins in the northeast, where the annual #6 star has fallen for 2024. When activated correctly, the annual #6 star can bring very strong wealth and career luck for all occupants of the home and workplace during 2024; this is especially so for the youngest males and males, in general, this year. This is an important wealth enhancer and health protector that must be placed in the northeast of your home or workplace and is a stunning set of eight specially created ...
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