Shengli Ma – Golden Victory Horse

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Shengli Ma - Golden Victory Horse   ( One of the most essential cures and enhancers to place in your home, office or business for 2024, the beginning of period 9 and the year of the Yang Wood Dragon) In 2024, we will enter period 9 on 4th February, and the auspicious #1 star, which will fly into the east sector for the year, will become the secondary wealth star for the next twenty years. We will need to place a very powerful cure here this year to help the water energy from the annual #1 to strengthen as much as possible, bringing wealth, career and overall good luck to all occupants of the home; this is especially so for the eldest son and males in general. For the east this year, we will need to place a golden-coloured Victory Horse to help strengthen the good energy of this ...
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