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 Valuable authentic Feng Shui tips on how to improve your wealth, business and career for 2012. Added February 2012

As we enter another year of recession for many parts of the world we thought it would be prudent to see how we can further enhance wealth, career and business flying stars in 2012. More..

Reusing your 2011 Feng Shui Cures in 2012. Added January 2012

For those of you who reuse their Feng Shui annual cures and enhancers kit each year we have listed below where each item should be placed from the 2011 annual cures and enhancer’s kit. I know most Feng Shui websites and books will say that you should not reuse at all and throw away or bury at least More..

10 of the best tips for Feng Shui and 2012. Added December 2011

Having good Feng Shui is not just about having your home looking like a Chinese restaurant with Buddha’s in every corner, good Feng Shui is simple and also basic common sense, we just need to reminded every now and again and this is me included, so I hope you enjoy these tips and please put them More… 

Feng Shui tips for business and career in 2012 Added December 2011

Tip #1 – Most offices or homes that we visit get this part wrong and it is an important part of your working environment. Always try and sit at a desk with a solid wall behind your back to ensure that you have support and protection, never sit with a door or corner of wall or cabinet behind you. More… 

Your bedroom, your sanctuary.

Your bedroom is an area where you spend a lot of time, which you rest, sleep, play, dress and dream in and the reason why it is important to you is because when you sleep your body repairs itself and the Feng Shui in a bedroom needs to be perfect.

So make sure you have everything you need that encourages rest. Are your pillows clean and comfortable? What about the mattress? Is the room warm enough? Do you have your favourite sheets on and do you change them regularly? Are you turning your mattress over regularly? My father always told me to spend as much as you can afford on a good mattress and good pair of shoes, because if you are not in your bedroom you are more likely in your shoes.

Do you have clutter under your bed? If you have bed draws under make sure you keep them tidy and if possible only keep sheets, towels or clothes in them. You must never place anything negative close to a bed so do not be surprised if your love life has deteriorated since placing your previous marriage divorce papers underneath your bed…

Feng Shui and sleep

Electronic items are not good to keep in your bedroom; they may give you sleepless nights. The television for example is something many people like having in their bedrooms, but what they don’t seem to realise is that it produces too much yang energy which disturbs sleep patterns and of course nowadays with Apple this and that products we see many homes with iPads, phones and sorts of other electrical equipment close to the bedside.

Yin energy is important in bedrooms as it encourages respite and relaxation. If you work from home and have a workstation in your bedroom, it is bound to affect your sleep. And to top it all computers and televisions also become a mirror when switched off and work as a reflector. We have to be realistic though especially with space at a premium so a cure for these problems is keep them covered at night with a sheet.

Married couples could experience a strain in the marriage when the mirror reflects the bed and it could mean the marriage becoming crowded.


Make sure that your room is adequately lit and yet not overdone. Soft lampshades are fine but spotlights and harsh lighting do not help. On the whole it is not easy to get everything right. Your bedroom should have a romantic feel to it, with soft colours and lighting. Hang some romantic or saucy pictures on the walls, or some loving couple’s statues on your bedside or dressing table. Always keep it clean and tidy. Visit our relationship page for further enhancers you can use.

Ps. If you have an en-suite make sure you always keep the door closed and toilet seat down.

© Daniel Hanna 2011

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